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the top 12 foods to buy organic for your baby

We experience it each time we step into a grocery store. That organic or not-organic dilemma. Do we choose the more expensive “organic” apples and feel confident that we are feeding our family healthy produce (but have the money-guilt), or do we go for the less expensive “non-organic” apples, feeling glad that we will save Read More

14 Fun Indoor Activities For Babies & Toddlers

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day we had at home with our kids we created or did something fun to create memories and build up our bond? My little guy is just about to turn one, and I should be happy about it, but I am actually so sad! How could this year have Read More

15 tips for making homemade baby food on a tiny budget

    Budget mamas, rejoice! You don’t have to fork over a ton of money in order to successfully make your baby’s food at home. Here are 15 smart tips that can help you feed your baby the best nutrition on a tiny budget.   Use food you already have at home   Babies can Read More

My New Year’s Resolutions…Goals

Am I the only one who (usually) fails miserably at completing their New Year Resolutions?…Like taps out completely February 1st?     Well, for 2018 I want to do something a little different. I don’t want to write down unrealistic resolutions for myself anymore because let’s be real, they probably aren’t going to happen. Going Read More

signs your baby is hungry or full when eating solids

Learning your baby’s cues for when he is still hungry or full is especially helpful when starting solid foods. This will help you feed him the right amount of food and it will teach him to stop eating when he is full. Try to avoid forcing him to eat “just one more bite,” or finish Read More

Happy Tummies - A Cookbook for New Mamas