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easy thanksgiving menu for new moms

Soon enough, Thanksgiving will be upon us! Can you believe it’s next week!? For many that means going to a friends or families home for the afternoon, talking, eating and leaving stuffed. But for many new mamas, you are the one doing the cooking. We all want our Thanksgiving to be memorable, and for the Read More

simple, no-fail roast turkey recipe

We all want our holiday turkey to turn out juicy and delicious. Back before we had kids, my husband and I would go all out for Thanksgiving, but now that we have little munchkins running around, we try to keep it simple. That way I can have less time in the kitchen and more time Read More

9 foods you didn’t know you could feed your baby

Many of us know that foods like bananas, avocado, brown rice, sweet potatoes and chicken are perfect starter foods for babies because they are nutritious yet mild tasting. But did you know you don’t have to be limited to the few most popular baby food ingredients? Chances are, most of what’s in your fridge or Read More

sweet potato puree recipe

As your baby gets more familiar with eating solids, gradually change the texture of the baby food. Start with a smooth puree, and graduate on to mashed foods, and eventually to table foods. Around nine months babies have usually mastered smooth purees, and are ready for soft, mashed foods; though every baby is different. Try Read More

10 healthy on-the-go baby snacks

For a trip to the park, playdate or afternoon doing errands, having some healthy snacks packed for your little one can really be a life saver. Nowadays baby aisles offer sweetened yogurt drops, puffed cereals and teething biscuits in a variety of flavors aimed specifically as snacks for babies. But instead of loading up on Read More

6 superfoods for mamas and babies

Superfoods are top nutrient-dense foods for optimal health. They include antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals, nutrients which keep the body healthy and fiber which aids in digestion and helps the absorption of nutrients. salmon rich in: Omega’s, DHA, B Vitamins for babies 6 months and up: Cook through and puree or shred Read More

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